We are a company that seeks to be the leading pan African construction company in the sub-saharan region in infrastructure development. In our mission to be the leading construction company we have partnered with financial institutions, local authorities and various governmental organisations in Southern Africa to ensure service delivery related with infrastructure development.

We take pride in the successfully completed projects that we have partnered with various stakeholders. These projects have made N-frasys the preferred partner in construction because of the unquestionable quality and timeous delivery of the projects. N-Frasys has been involved in the feasibility studies, design and construction of the remarkable projects.   Below are summaries of the projects that we have completed.

  1. Mozambique

Foundations and reinforced concrete bases for 110kV HV pylons stretching 100km from Lionde Substaion to-Mapai Substation in Mozambique from 2015 to 2016.

  1. Zimbabwe


N-Frasys has consolidated market position as developer for low cost housing units by delivering turn key houses. We pride our selves with the state of the art service delivery in the projects listed below;

Amalinda Low Cost Housing Project

The scope of works in Amalinda included the construction of water reticulation services (520m), sewer reticulation services (378m), roads and stormwater drainage infrastructure (350m). The project also included the construction of 79 houses of various sizes ranging from a single bed to 3-bedroom houses. The project duration was 3 months. The project cost was I.7 Million


N-frasys constructed 600 units low cost housing units including associated amenities such as water reticulation(7km), sewer reticulation (7km) roads and stormwater drainage (7 km) The project value 17million

Carrick Creagh

Development of 16 high end residential cluster houses, each comprised of 3 beds, roads and stormwater drainage (500m), water reticulation (350m) and sewer reticulation (350m). Total Project Value $5.5million

Bindura NASSA Complex                                                                                         

Works on the project constituted road, car park & water drainage upgrading.

Road construction works involved pavement section of 150 m long x 8 m wide. The work done involved removal of old G-Blocks, stabilizing the base and replacing the wearing course with new paving blocks.

Stormwater drainage works done encompassed installation of porous pipes, removal of old culverts and replacing them with new ones.


The project constituted water reticulation works (2km) and sewer reticulation works (2km) for a housing consortium in Mabvuku. A total of 50 high density housing units were completely reticulated on the project.

Kwekwe rehabilitation of roads and surfacing works.

A total length of 68km of roads and stormwater drainage are currently being re-surfaced on the project with a value of 4million.