About Us


N-frasys is built to deliver better communities. We design, build, finance and operate infrastructure and its associated services for governments, businesses and local authorities in Sub Saharan Africa. Organized as a fully integrated firm, we leverage our vast knowledge and experience across our network of local and international experts to help clients solve their infrastructure challenges. Our work is innovative, imaginative, transformative, differentiated and tailored to the client needs.

As a company focused on building better communities, we are passionate about infrastructure that improves quality of life and equips communities to harness the opportunities and meet challenges ahead. Access to quality infrastructure is transformative, and its delivery in good time and at fair value is the most urgent and contemporary challenge for all sector players in Sub Saharan Africa.

Government funding remains constrained, driving the imperative of devising innovative funding models, essential to aid the flow of private money into public infrastructure projects. Infrastructure projects are largely publicly funded and owned, but partnerships with the private sector can be an effective way of transferring life- cycle costs of infrastructure off public- sector budgets and simultaneously create investable assets for the private sector.


At N-frasys we share a willingness to embrace challenges and to develop fresh approaches to longstanding problems. We continue to invest in developing and attracting excellent and cutting edge human and technical capabilities to tackle projects of any scale. Our business model is premised on a full cycle approach to identification, engineering, procurement and construction of infrastructure projects in a seamless service that delivers a functioning asset to the client. Early stage involvement with clients in project definition assists our clients in accelerating projects from conception to bankability as well as secure our downstream implementation role.

The business is divided into four sectors Energy, Civils and Construction, Mining and Investments and Concessions. The Investments and Concessions sector provides a platform for the business to regular cashflows through annuity income from company owned facilities in property, energy generation, mining and managed toll concessions. Regular income is essential in managing the cyclical nature of revenue from mainstream infrastructure contracting projects.


To provide cost effective infrastructure solutions


To be the leading Pan African group that enables communities to access essential infrastructure and services in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2030.


  • Solutions Provision: We sell solutions, not products.
  • Innovation: We believe it is our strongest competitive asset
  • Fairness: We seek maximum benefit and equal treatment for all
  • Environment: We are stewards of its true owners, the next generation
  • Equal Opportunity: Recruitment and career open to talent regardless of
    colour or gender

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